Exciting Album-Related News

SO…We have a few goodies in store for you with this album (you know, the imminent English album that you’ll no doubt be jamming to VERY SOON!). We got together with our good friends Matt, Steve, and Dillon this Sunday, three awesome musicians. They were kind enough to record an entire brass section together for two of the electrifying songs from our upcoming album: “Unspoken” and “The Leper.” Matt wrote some amazing arrangements that create all sorts of tension and fuzzy feelings. The songs almost seem to glitter now. So beware, for your mind will surely be blown!

Also, our buddy Benny Maldonado has been recently meeting with us to work on some percussion parts for the songs. You may have seen him as a guest musician at many of our shows, playing with his timbales (wait, that didn’t sound right…) Anyway, he laid down some excellent percussion tracks for 10 of the 11 songs in just a couple of sessions. We’re super thrilled with the results thus far and incredibly grateful to our friends who have collaborated with us in this production. Just wanted to get that out there. And YOU, stay tuned because the days of waiting for your Triptico fix are about to be over! YEAH BABY!!!

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