Holy Crap, Batman!

We're so close to being finished with the English side of our CD I can SMELL IT! It smells much like beans and rice, and maybe some steak and green tomatoes on the side. I'm pretty sure everyone who listens to this thing will devour it, unless you're a vegetarian, at which point you may decide to forgo the steak. Either way, I'm hungry now.

Now that I've caught your attention(/wasted your time), it's time for the main reason for this blog, aside from the usual album status update. We have decided to begin doing podcasts and video updates, for your entertainment! We got together and decided that we need to make bigger asses of ourselves, and the blog thing just isn't doing it for us in that department.

All kidding aside, we want to get to know you better, and we want you to get to know us better, and we feel this is a good way to start. So when we start posting these things, let us know what you think! Was it great? Did it suck? Could you care less either way? Did we spark your imagination? Did we call to your attention an important issue that you were previously unaware of? Did it make you laugh? Did it blow your mind? Did it make you crap your pants? We are hoping to accomplish at least some of these things. We'll see how it works out. :)

Another announcement, we are playing at the Market on October 9th! Always a fun place to be. Come hang out/listen to music/eat pizza/drink beer with us! We don't bite, usually. Although Alex has a problem with that sometimes.

Show Details:

Market on 7th Avenue (Ybor)
With 3 other bands TBA
Doors: 7:00; Cover: $7
1816 E 7TH Ave
Tampa, FL 33605

James and Triptico


Triptico & Cowboy Mouth


We will be playing with Cowboy Mouth at the State Theatre tomorrow night around 7pm. We're going to be opening the show so make sure to get there early. Because this is such a short notice, we're giving away 50 tickets to those who want them. So, if you'd like a piece of Triptico, Geri X and Cowboy Mouth get back to us, either through e-mail, phone, or our beloved website.

We hope to see you there!

Cowboy Mouth
Geri X

Friday September 25
7:00 pm

State Theatre
687 Central Ave, St Petersburg




Exciting Album-Related News

SO…We have a few goodies in store for you with this album (you know, the imminent English album that you’ll no doubt be jamming to VERY SOON!). We got together with our good friends Matt, Steve, and Dillon this Sunday, three awesome musicians. They were kind enough to record an entire brass section together for two of the electrifying songs from our upcoming album: “Unspoken” and “The Leper.” Matt wrote some amazing arrangements that create all sorts of tension and fuzzy feelings. The songs almost seem to glitter now. So beware, for your mind will surely be blown!

Also, our buddy Benny Maldonado has been recently meeting with us to work on some percussion parts for the songs. You may have seen him as a guest musician at many of our shows, playing with his timbales (wait, that didn’t sound right…) Anyway, he laid down some excellent percussion tracks for 10 of the 11 songs in just a couple of sessions. We’re super thrilled with the results thus far and incredibly grateful to our friends who have collaborated with us in this production. Just wanted to get that out there. And YOU, stay tuned because the days of waiting for your Triptico fix are about to be over! YEAH BABY!!!


More Progress!

Thought I'd take the whole "progress" theme and run with it!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Ladies and gentlemen, the tracking for the English CD is (almost) COMPLETE! I can already hear the cries of joy throughout the land! On Wednesday we had our good buddy Benny Maldonado record some tasty percussion rhythms for 10 of the 11 songs. Now the only tracking we have left is some keyboards and horns, and possibly some do-overs for stuff we decide we could have done better or differently.

Presently, we are balls deep into mixing and editing. Luckily, Gabe is a beast and has been working on editing the songs all along, so now it won't be such a monumental chore as it would've been if we had just started. Also, I'm having craploads of fun trying to figure out what notes Alex was trying to hit and then getting them on key (kidding, of course).

And now, a summary for the recording terminology-challenged: we're just about done recording stuff, and now we're making it sound pretty.



This just in

Progress seems to be a common theme in the band (hence the last post) and we're finally buckling up our belts to what we believe will be an exciting ride both for you and for us. So I've decided to do a little photo log with some of our whereabouts for your own viewing pleasure.

This is during day one of The Wasteland video shoot. A long day of building the set with the exceptional help from our great friends who volunteered countless hours of their time (thank you). The video by the way, is coming along very nicely. The first rough cut has been completed and we're now left with the refining process to make it kickass. It should be done very soon, make sure to stay tuned in to be the first one to see it in our equally kickass soon-to-be-announced video release party.

\Mr. James himself tracking drums for Left Behind; a dark-semi-progressive-rock-ballad that was resurrected in the countless sessions in preparation for the album.

Our good (and talented) friend Benny Maldonado recording timbales for our latin-rock jam, Broken Spaces. He will be tracking more percussion throughout the album as well.

Here is what seems to be a newer, more slender version of our lead singer, Alex Valdivia. We'll call him Alex 2.0. He's tracking one of many, and I mean many vocals for Mourning Tree. One of our faves.

(Gross. I know.) As for my recovery, I am doing just fine. The mini alien in my wrist has been officially removed and exposed to clinical observations. Soon we will find the secret to the plasma weaponry that the aliens have kept secret for all these years. In the meantime, we're getting ready to start playing out once again. So, if you'd like us to be in your city, let us know and we'll make it happen.

Keep visiting for more updates.

See you soon