Tripticast 4.0 - Glassass

In this episode of the Tripticast...

The tripticans reflect their thoughts on the movie phenomenon that is Avatar and indulge in a passionate discussion about the meaning of success and the pursuit of happiness. Finally, our heroes explore the Internet's mischievous in and outs (literally) while witnessing a little website that will scar you forever. Proceed at your own risk.

And, as always, tell us what you think!


Play That Bleeping Music Bleephole

In this episode of the Tripticast...

The boys get together during band practice and record a live performance for the show while discussing the perks of being a stripper, the differences between wolves and vampires, and Elton John's sexual activities.

And remember, this is a rough recording of the songs which have not been edited in order to maintain the authenticity of the performance (In other words, we fuck up a lot.)

We look forward to your feedback. Enjoy!


12.04.09: A night of romp and debauchery

This Friday, December 4 we will be performing at The Market on 7th (Ybor City) along with our good friends from Mogul Street Reserve! We're really stoked about this show and really look forward to seeing you there. We'll be playing some of our new songs along with the same old goodness.

So, if you like having a good time, enjoying yourself, and most importantly supporting local music, be sure to make it to this one and when you're there, please come by and say hello. We'd love to make new friends.

-Gabe and Triptico

Situation Mine
Ascending to Avalon
Mogul Street Reserve

Friday, December 12, 2009.
8:00 pm

The Market on 7th
1816 E. 7th Ave. Tampa, FL 33605