Triptico EP for FREE

So... we've been working on new recordings, yeah, brand new recordings.

For those of you going to our shows, you might have noticed that we've translated some of our songs from Spanish into English and we've been working hard on improving our sound overall. However, we didn't want to throw away what we've done so far simply because we're working on new stuff, so what we decided to do was to upload our current recordings as an EP and we'll let you have them for free, just like that... because we can. (I guess that's one advantage of being an independent band -unsigned- you get to do what you want with your songs... tsk, tsk....)

To get the songs just click on the banner on the left, no, your other left... yeah, that's right, there... BINGO!

Don't forget to let us know what you think! (Oh! And stay posted for news on our current project, we promise, you're gonna love it!)

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