The Garage, St. Pete, FL

This is our next big one boys and girls!

The Garage is an awesome venue in St. Petersburg, Florida where great bands (ejhem...!) perform. We're not getting into details, but lets just say that even people who sing and scream and rock out on the Mistfits have been there... 'nuff said.

This show will be on Saturday, April 18th, doors will open at 8pm and we'll be sharing the stage with Elevated, Clayton Senne Band, Unmotivated and the incredible Junkie Rush (which we secretly adore and throw panties at when they play)! Oh! And The Garage is located at 662 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL (for all of you Mapquest addicts!)

If you want to find out more about whats going on, go to www.myspace.com/stpetegaragebar where you can even leave your comments for the awesome psychedelic flyer they made!

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