More Progress!

Thought I'd take the whole "progress" theme and run with it!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Ladies and gentlemen, the tracking for the English CD is (almost) COMPLETE! I can already hear the cries of joy throughout the land! On Wednesday we had our good buddy Benny Maldonado record some tasty percussion rhythms for 10 of the 11 songs. Now the only tracking we have left is some keyboards and horns, and possibly some do-overs for stuff we decide we could have done better or differently.

Presently, we are balls deep into mixing and editing. Luckily, Gabe is a beast and has been working on editing the songs all along, so now it won't be such a monumental chore as it would've been if we had just started. Also, I'm having craploads of fun trying to figure out what notes Alex was trying to hit and then getting them on key (kidding, of course).

And now, a summary for the recording terminology-challenged: we're just about done recording stuff, and now we're making it sound pretty.


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