Hola de los Tripticanos! This is your favorite member of Triptico, James (known from here on out as Big J), with a studio progress update! A picture, or spreadsheet in this case, says a thousand words! (This spreadsheet says decidedly less than a thousand words, but you get the point).

So as you can see, drums and bass are finished for the English CD! WOO! Alex and Gabe will be getting together all week to track the guitar for the rest of the songs, and I believe next week is vocals. So it's coming along nicely!

In other Triptico news, Gabe recently had a massively malignant tumor taken on his wrist! Actually, it was a huge and creepy (but not life-threatening) cyst. The doctor says he will be back making beautiful music in a matter off weeks, as long as he massages the area every day. So we are currently taking applicants to massage Gabe's cyst-less wrist. Don't all jump at once!

That's it for today. Thanks for reading!


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Alejandro Valdivia said...

tune? ehjem.... no tuning required for my marvelous vocals fool!